In the Nov. 19 Hits & Misses item "Hit: State debt shrinks," The Californian editorialized: "Big cuts, an improving economy and approval of new taxes resulted in some of the most positive news out of Sacramento in a while. ... The projected deficit at the end of next fiscal year now stands at $1.6 billion compared with the old projection of $16 billion."

So, while The Californian's editors were the third kazoo in the Jerry Brown Band, gleefully reporting the prostitution of the teachers, police and firefighters unions in favor of the tax hike, and probable illegal electioneering by the teachers union in sending the kids home with threats for higher tuition, Sacramento was cooking the books.

And the newspaper missed it. It stood by and let Brown and company hit the poor with a regressive sales tax increase and hit the job providers with the highest income tax rate in the country.

That sound you heard was Joe Pulitzer getting sick in a newsroom wastebasket.