As the proud parent of a Wasco High Tiger, we took our knock on Sunday with the CIF denying the football team a state bowl berth. As parents, we represent a great group of boys that are talented on the field and work very hard off the field. The CIF denied our boys, who held an undefeated records -- just like it did last year with Bakersfield High. We tell our boys, "You are the valley champions, which is something the CIF can never deny you." We pick ourselves up and move forward today still being the valley champions.

As an angry parent that was trying to put the previous day away, the article in the Dec. 3 Californian ("Wasco denied state bowl game") enraged me. Here is how I would like to respond to the comments in the article by CIF officials Jim Crichlow and Ken Gunn: They're entitled to their opinions, as I am to mine. If Wasco High athletic director Raul Rangel was wrong about the CIF commissioners being biased, then why is all of the voting done behind closed doors with a secret ballot? They should back up what they say and let us see the integrity!

How dare Crichlow even begin to insinuate that our boys would have lost the state game, so we should be happy going out on a win? We are ecstatic valley champions but the fact remains that we were screwed. How do we do about getting new representatives?