The American Academy of Pediatrics, after a three-year study, concluded that there is a positive correlation between violence seen on TV and aggressive/violent behavior of children. Albert Bandura, a professor emeritus of psychology at Stanford University, agrees with the conclusion.

In our comprehensive public high schools, violent activity is the only activity that is honored. The student who is skilled in writing prose is not honored at student body assemblies. He or she does not have trophies, plaques and photographs placed in a conspicuous display case proclaiming his or her worth to society. He or she does not wear symbols that signify excellence. But the student-athlete who completes a 20-yard pass is given all of the above and more. Violence is honored in our public high schools and is, therefore, imitated by other students.

Our public high schools must change from being contributors to and advocates of aggressive behavior into institutions of learning and civil behavior.