The writer of a recent letter to the editor stated that the "Blue can is well worth $36" (Nov. 21). Well, that is the letter writer's opinion! I should be able to say yea or nay to blue curbside recycling containers. If the previous writer had to "live" on my income, she too would do her own recycling and save the $36 that's added to her property taxes. My income is under $800 a month and any extra added to my already high property tax is just making it harder to pay what someone else seems to think I should pay. And I know I'm not the only one who thinks that.

One statement in her letter is true: If this issue had gone to a ballot vote it would have failed! How would the people responsible for voting yes and adding to everyone's property taxes like it if someone said no to their ideas, wants and needs? How do they know who is on a limited income and who is not?

I simply can't afford any extra outgo, as my income seems set and has had no increase since the last cost-of-living raise, which was very minute.