I'm sorry for anyone who didn't know Mike Dallas. What a great guy he was. He didn't see color. He didn't see reprobates. He didn't see giving up on anyone! His saying was always, "Folks are just folks." Always positive, always there, always willing to help, and always sure his Cowboys were going to win.

Known for his boxing career, he was much more than that.

As program director of the Police Activities League, he inspired our youth to give their best in all they attempted. Most came from impoverished areas; many came in as rough, tough, rude-talking kids. Mike, with his love and positive, no-nonsense approach, was quick to turn them into goal-setters and achievers.

My husband and I attended his funeral on Saturday. The large church was packed. We were lucky to find a seat in the balcony. Outside, an estimated 300 to 400 people stood for the two-hour tribute to Mike. It should have had media coverage. He was one of the greatest assets our community has had!