A lot has been said about how the Republican Party needs to throw out its outdated principles and join the mainstream so as to get more people to vote for the GOP. As a country-loving Christian, I look at these "outdated" principles as Bible-based. Those Republican ladies in the Nov. 8 front-page photo weren't crying over Mitt Romney's defeat but for our country and the world.

I see mounting evidence of end-time events. For those who believe the Bible is a fable, open your eyes; the world is on the verge of a stupendous crisis. Take, for example, the earthquake in Haiti and Superstorm Sandy. As for the global warming lie used to impoverish the American people, I would say the real global warming is the one mentioned in the fourth plague of Revelation 16:8 -- scorching heat poured out as judgments on nonbelievers.

In the coming four years, I see our dollar destroyed and Israel nuking Iran to protect itself, which will instigate North Korea to take out South Korea, then Pakistan to take out India. All this will cause the other nations to get their licks in to protect their interests, resulting in a time such as never was.