I abhor labels. Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative, any others that come to mind. I think a lot of the problems this country is experiencing is because we're so quick to attach a label to an individual and once that label is affixed, we lose sight of the person. I am perfectly capable of deciding who and what to vote for all by myself. If I need input or unsolicited advice from the media or anybody, I'll ask for it.

Why have we, as a people, become so intolerant of anybody else's beliefs, convictions, religion, gender, race or thoughts? If someone happens to disagree with us, we assume they are misinformed, bigoted or just plain stupid. We are not defined by the color that the media paint us. Each party runs its candidate and we decide who we want. That's the way it works -- and majority rules. We must to accept that.

We need to all identify ourselves as Americans and concentrate on working together to fix our country instead of allowing the parties to continue to divide and polarize us. We need to stop pledging allegiance to a particular group and redirect our support and fervor to searching for solutions as a United States of America.