I am perplexed and confused. How did the Bully Tax (Proposition 30) pass? This tax should be raising the ire and outrage of every liberal righter of wrongs out there. But the ACLU is also oddly quiet about a minority group being singled out for extortion.

This tax is no different than the schoolyard bully finding the kid that works hard, does his chores and earns his allowance, and threatening to beat him if he doesn't hand over his money. Somehow this injustice is right in the mind of liberals/socialists that are constantly up in arms over bullying and profiling of minorities.

If being 3 percent of a population doesn't make one a minority, nothing does. I am not one of the targeted group and I find this tax appalling in its blatant class warfare and targeting of a minority segment of people in California. Liberals should be hanging their heads in shame that they clamored to implement this travesty on their fellow citizens.