I'm sick and tired of the ones who keep on insulting our president because they cannot accept that an African-American is our commander in chief. Please get over it and accept it.

Many keep mentioning that our country hasn't changed in a positive way over the last four years. Let me remind them that when President Obama took office in January 2009, our country was down and heading toward recession. During his eight years in office, President George W. Bush gave us wars, foreclosures, a bad economy, high unemployment, high education costs and a loss of trust among our allies.

What has Obama accomplished so far? He ordered the raid that led to the death of Osama bin Laden, making this country a little safer. The unemployment rate is improving, the economy is improving and education costs are stabilizing. He is bringing our troops home little by little and he has helped restore us in foreign affairs.

Get over it, people, and let's unite as a respectable nation. Let's pray for an even better future. Calling people derogatory names and insulting their views isn't American at all. Let's make America what it used to be: The greatest country in the world, with many opportunities to succeed. United we stand.