The Nov. 19 letter "Teachings based on reason" caught my eye. The writer of the letter, a response to Tim Vivian's Nov. 14 Community Voices article, "Absolutism rears head in religion and inflexible 'patriotism,'" criticizes Vivian's opinions as "inflammatory." I find his opinions to be well thought-out, intelligent and articulate, not inflammatory.

The moral values of the church, historically, are less than stellar by all accounts. Crimes against children covered up by more than a few church leaders, bigotry, sexual affairs and a host of crimes. This is moral leadership?

The world was better off before Christianity, considering the nearly 1,500 years of almost continuous war and murder in the name of God, much at the hands of the church. Those wars, not homosexuality, resulted in the killing and torture of women and children. And now there's a resurgence of the intolerant side of Christianity.