I am 66 and I have never seen such a ridiculous presidential race. If Missouri is the Show Me State, then California is the Gimme State.

I can't get welfare, I can't get food stamps. I have no children or drug users in my house. I am disabled from the work I did, but can't get money for crying the blues. I don't steal and haven't killed anyone, so I don't go to jail to get my teeth fixed for free.

I had to be on welfare when I was 15. I found work cleaning floors, baby sitting or worse. When I got off welfare, I was ashamed to tell people I had been on welfare.

Now, people are proud to put the screws to the man. Shame on those people who voted for a person who does not know what he is doing just to get more free stuff.

I will be looking for the long line of people and maybe I will get something for free.

Laura Corley

Wofford Heights