Angelo Haddad can twist and turn the numbers any way he wants, but when he's shouting his conclusions, he shouldn't base them on made-up facts. ("Great expectations and failed expectations: Obama's story," Community Voices, Nov. 19.)

The economy was in free fall in 2009. The Bush budget that was effective October 2008 (four months before Obama took office) was not $500 billion but $1.7 trillion. President Obama has lowered the yearly deficit each year in office. I wouldn't toss "cap and trade" around lightly. That was the platform of Haddad's candidates "McCain/Palin," who he supported four years ago.

Haddad's "czar" talk is silly. That's a term that the media created and the fact is that presidents have appointed advisers for 80 years. Visit (and plug in the search term "czars") and you'll see these distortions are easily debunked -- and that George W. Bush had more than Obama.

I agree that the country is more polarized and racially divided. Maybe a good way to stop the polarization is to not call someone you disagree with a Marxist. The next step is to stop using Glen Beck talking points. Even Faux News realized he was beyond help.

But his funniest tirade is to blame the election on people who were looking for handouts. Let's set the record straight. The blue states pay two-thirds of the taxes in this country and red-state voters receive the majority of handouts. In a comical reversal, the 47 percent that Romney thought he could not win were exactly the voters who supported him -- the takers.

Dan McGuire