Complaining about the nastiness of politicians has become quite fashionable. I must take issue, however, with citizens who pass harsh judgments on others. Mitt Romney labeled 47 percent of Americans as, essentially, leeches. Now, the writer of the Nov. 19 letter "Democrats will regret their stupidity at polls" labels all who voted for President Obama as stupid, gullible, ungodly and so on. Even my old friend, Angelo Haddad, uses pejorative language in his Nov. 19 Community Voices article, "Great expectations and failed expectations: Obama's story." It's OK, indeed necessary, to take issue with views one thinks are wrong. Scripture makes clear, however, that judgment is God's prerogative. We are to "hate the sin and love the sinner."

So, to all those who choose to insult and vilify others whose views differ, I say this: Don't blame "the politicians." Look in the mirror, and when you see that the log in your own eye exceeds the mote in your neighbor's, get on your knees and ask forgiveness, pray for the grace to be civil and respectful of others. Learn that proper debate is "thesis, antithesis, synthesis" and not stone-throwing. If we (myself included) take that approach, perhaps we will have a kinder, better America.

Bob Woods