With the election behind us and a clear message sent, I think it's now reasonable to deduce that we have reached a tipping point.

With the overabundance of enablers in this country, we now have a citizenry comprised of more takers than makers.

Long gone is the involved parent who instills a solid work ethic and a dose of tough love when needed. What's developing now are parents that are content with nursing their infantlike adults by providing all their needs, which in turn develops a false reality.

We have tipped the scale toward adult dependency. The paycheck is replaced by the handout from Mom and Pop. Work ethic is dismissed as too harsh a concept and is replaced with lame excuses from doting parents.

For others, the government (the biggest enabler of all) has replaced Mom and Dad as the provider and has created the entitlement class.

These individuals are nothing more than panhandlers and are far removed from creating solutions to the problems we face.

As others embrace this misguided lifestyle, the wound from which the county bleeds becomes larger.

Ron Rice