On numerous occasions the Republican Party has not acted wisely or not acted at all when it should have been strong. What bothers me about this election is that we have about 60 million people in this country who apparently cannot remember how to use their mind. It is hard to believe it is just stupidity -- probably gullibility would come closer to the truth.

The mainstream press and television were always in favor of what was ungodly and the majority of the Democrats fell right in line, supporting and giving voice to these issues. Does it surprise you that these people would support and vote for a man who has his own agenda to minimize this country, grow the size and power of the federal government far beyond what our constitution allows and then in a punishing manner tax the workers and producers? What has happened to personal integrity? Has telling the truth gone out of fashion? What has happened to this nation to allow a horribly incompetent person, with an agenda to destroy this country, a totally "empty suit" with a very large mouth, to become the "ruler" of our country?

Folks, you ain't seen nuthin' yet. Keep your eyes and ears open: soon you 60 million will deeply regret your stupidity, but all of us will suffer greatly.