I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those at Discovery Elementary School for their Veterans Day program on Nov. 8. I was invited to speak at the program as I am a Marine Corps veteran. The students invited family members, friends and neighbors who were veterans to attend the program.

Special thanks to Discovery's principal, Danyel Kelly, and the faculty who organized a fitting program. About 40 veterans attended the event, which included patriotic music, refreshments, recognition of the veterans and each classroom hosting several veterans fielding questions about their military service from students.

I'm sure that other schools have similar programs, but many who don't could take a lesson in proactive teaching and showing support of our veterans, while at the same time providing an enriching activity that involved veterans from World War II to present.

It couldn't have been easy to put together a Veterans Day program like this, but through Kelly's leadership and enthusiasm, it was a hit, and I want them to know their effort is greatly appreciated.