I wish to congratulate my friend, Royce Fast, on being elected to the Kern County Water Agency board of directors. I know he will add a great deal of knowledge and experience to the board. He understands, as I do, the importance of a stable, reliable, affordable water supply.

The State Water Project has been a tremendous asset to Kern County by increasing our agriculture production, and providing water resources to local residents. I will always have a place in my heart for those in agriculture and water development. Thanks to all my wonderful friends who supported me in this effort. I will never forget the words of encouragement offered during the campaign. I am afraid that the fight to keep our water supply coming will be more difficult than ever. With a Democrat-controlled Legislature, we can expect more damaging legislation to deal with. Kern County has been blessed with some of the most intelligent minds in water development.

As I fade away, I wish the best for the agency and the future of abundant water supply for our area. I am proud to have served you for many years. Goodbye.