On behalf of the students and dedicated employees who comprise the Standard School District, I am honored and humbled to extend the sincerest thank you for the community's vote of confidence. On Nov. 6, when the Oildale community voted "yes" to pass Measure Q, the school facilities bond reauthorization, the voters sent a decisive message of support for our students and facilities.

Measure Q, which reauthorized the bonds of 2006, will help us complete our plans to modernize and upgrade facilities across the district and continue to provide all that is necessary for success within a 21st-century academic context. We know that the expectations of our schools are high and include all areas of academics, enrichment, athletic programs, student support and wellness services. I want to assure community members that the Standard School District team continually strives to meet their expectations.

The vote of confidence in the Standard School District inspires us to continue improving our services to students.

Thank you for investing in our kids, our schools and our future.

Superintendent, Standard School District