Now that the 2012 election is over, the Democratic Party is celebrating the re-election of the president, retaining control of the U.S. Senate, and their majority control in Sacramento as well as the passage of Proposition 30 in California. Many are pointing fingers at the Republican Party, pointing out all these "problems" that it has as well as touting election figures that supposedly give the Democrats a "mandate" to enact their liberal, progressive agenda (or so they say).

But there are a couple of things that have been brushed aside in all of this. In the presidential election, Barack Obama won with 51 percent of the popular vote and Mitt Romney collected 48 percent of the popular vote. That doesn't sound like the definition of a "mandate" -- one would think that Obama should have received 60 percent or more to have that kind of result. Secondly, the Republicans still have control of the House of Representatives. If the Democrats have such a "mandate," why were they unable to secure the House?

Finally, the Democratic majority in the California Legislature has the passage of Prop. 30 to fix the budget problems in Sacramento. But now they are on the spot, as this proposition was touted as the solution to the fiscal mess. If it does not work, who will they have to blame for it other than themselves? They alone will stand as the responsible party for the situation. Good luck, Democrats.