The sky is falling, the sky is falling, President Obama has been re-elected!

Obama was re-elected because the majority of voters recognized that his policies have brought the U.S. back from the economic depression that George W. Bush's economic policies created. Voters understand that trickle-down economics and tax cuts for the wealthy do not create jobs or improve the economy in any way.

Voters supported Obama because they understand that health care is a major problem in this country and that private companies that profit by denying coverage are not a solution. Most voters want students to be able to afford higher education without taking out mortgage-sized loans.

Most voters recognize that corporate profits based on offshore investments and the outsourcing of American jobs do not benefit the economy. Most voters understand that climate change is a reality that cannot be ignored.

Mitt Romney waffled right, left and center to the point that no one knew where he stood on any issue. He failed to reveal the details of his economic plan as well as his personal tax statements. Perhaps the most definitive statement of his campaign was his goal to eliminate the paltry funding NPR receives, thereby removing "Sesame Street's" Big Bird.

Now if Obama can strong-arm the party of no to accomplish what we have elected him to do, we can enjoy the same sort of economic success we enjoyed under President Clinton.

Linda Schrom