The presidential election polls showed obvious divisions among our citizens. Listening to President Obama's acceptance speech in 2008 and again last week, he talked about uniting us. Then why hasn't he done this? From the beginning, he demonized the tea party and the Republicans. He took it even further, saying Republicans had a war against women. Not only were his remarks false, they were shameful to the office he holds.

Obama should focus on what unites us. Republicans stand for family, freedom of religion and self-reliance. I believe most people share those values. Our parties are not that much different. We should demand our president talk to us as "one people." I am surprised Obama was re-elected, considering the unemployment and debt stats, as well as the objection from most Americans to the health care law. I can only assume many who voted for him did so for frivolous reasons. I hope our president will learn to compromise. It is a skill he could learn from Mitt Romney.

I will try to be optimistic the next four years and hope decisions are made that get us all on a positive track. I'm sure we are all tired of the divisiveness and negativity. Americans should be better than that -- all of us.