John F. Kennedy won a narrow victory in the 1960 presidential election. After that, the nation came together and supported him wholeheartedly. I remember even members of my own family saying: "Now he is the president and we will support him." That's the level of respect that existed 50 years ago. After surviving that tough election, Kennedy became one of the most revered presidents of all time.

In contrast to that era, this time the right is spewing such a great amount of sour grapes that I'm surprised they aren't making wine. Recent headlines in the letters section have included "America died on Tuesday night," "Now we're stuck with a clunker" and "Obama will hasten the end-times." I'm almost positive these writers consider themselves flag-waving patriots and incredibly good citizens. However, as chairman of the Kern County Democratic Party, I'd like to suggest that we get off the partisan bus and try to work together.

Our system of government was designed for compromise. It was never intended to be the great divide with everyone standing on political dogma. I truly hope that Kevin McCarthy and David Valadao will go to Washington with only the thought of making things better for all the people in the southern San Joaquin Valley. It would be great if Shannon Grove, Rudy Salas, Jean Fuller and Michael Rubio would take the same message to Sacramento.

Please try to put politics aside and just do what's right. That's what happened in 1960 and it worked out pretty well.

Candi Easter