The results of this election may bring a close to an America we will never see again. Our society is changing and the choice between freedom and freebies is now clear: The American people are willing to give up freedom for free stuff.

Just as marijuana is considered a gateway drug, so will Obamacare be considered the gateway entitlement. Once President Obama's programs are firmly established and in place, it will only be a matter of time until the next "I want -- I deserve" rears its ugly head, i.e., gasoline subsidies, housing relief, gas and electricity relief, etc.

As we all have already heard, our taxes should be paying for individual lifestyle choices such as birth control and sex change operations. What is next on their grocery list? I shudder to imagine.

Sadly, we are becoming like Europe, which is crashing and burning before our very eyes, yet we are rushing to be just like them. America is now witnessing its own decaying state -- morally, economically and spiritually. We are in a free fall and my heart breaks for my children and grandchildren, for they may never know the America that I, you and all those who gave so much -- some giving all -- knew, loved and protected. God and our Founding Fathers are, I am sure, weeping.