The land that we know will now sink into Third World status with the re-election of Barack Obama and a lot of his minions. I hold the media to blame for this travesty of justice. You should remember that the Soviet Union had one news source: Pravda. All others were killed off. MSNBC will now be the main source of news, as it has been the largest defender of this administration's lies and cover-ups.

I just hope that I live long enough to see the idiots who fell for this all-time scammer lose their backsides, which will happen. Did they ever bother to read Obama's executive orders or the complete Obamacare law? They take our freedom away completely.

I am sure that The Californian will throw this letter away, but it is my last note to you and maybe our obituary notice -- yours and mine. As it appears, Kern County is the only place that has any moral judgment.