Regarding Ken Hill's Nov. 3 opinion article, "Is McCarthy helping middle class? You wouldn't know it": Hill could have stopped his rant after the first paragraph. The litany of voting errors that followed his problem with the money advantage between McCarthy and challenger Terry Phillips was intended to show how harmful McCarthy's voting record has been to the middle class. Wow!

Going back to my logic classes in college, I think Hill should have done us all a favor and given us his definition of "middle class" so we could truly evaluate how McCarthy is letting them down. Is the middle class just the homeowner who overleveraged his home so when values dropped, he could no longer afford it; union members struggling to maintain their sometimes high benefits, even when money to pay them is gone; or citizens exercising their right to live an alternative lifestyle lobbying to have it institutionalized?

I would argue and think the census and other research would define McCarthy's middle-class constituents as hardworking taxpayers, homeowners who didn't use their homes as credit cards, and small-business people and workers out in the oil patch who are glad McCarthy recognizes the importance of the oil industry to Kern County.

Therefore, I'm not willing to accept Hill's evaluation that McCarthy doesn't support the middle class. The middle-class people I know are very proud of a guy who served them sandwiches and yogurt as a young man and how he serves them now as their representative in Washington.