Roy Ashburn represents everything that's wrong with politics. He and Sacramento lawmakers have the luxury of living on six-figure incomes and expense accounts, surrounded by staffers to do their biddings. Then they think they are immune to the laws they pass for the rest of us while we, the taxpayers, foot the bill for their privileged existence.

When Ashburn termed out of the state Legislature, and failed (twice) to win a seat in Congress, I hoped that would be the last we saw of him. By raising taxes he thumbed his nose at the conservatives who elected him. (That tax hike helped get him his present lucrative position on a state commission.)

And now that he's come forward about his new lifestyle, apparently his politics have changed. I don't care what he does in his personal life (except when he's driving drunk in a vehicle we paid for), but I am concerned about trusting the convictions of a man whose only loyalty is to his own career.

Now we have the Bakersfield Good Ol' Boy network coming forward with endorsements, not on account of Ashburn's integrity but because of his "experience." Yes -- consider the experience of a candidate. You can vote for an expert at manipulating the political system to save his dying career, or you can vote for Mick Gleason, a man with an impeccable military, professional and personal record.