Something needs to be done to extend Mohawk Street north from Rosedale Highway to Hageman Road. The company that is demolishing the old PG&E power plant was supposed to build out the road by last June as part of its permit, but no work has been done. The developer of South San Lauren built curbs, gutters and asphalt on the northern third of the road, so not much work is even needed.

While we wait and wait for this road, Fruitvale Avenue receives more traffic than it was ever intended to receive. Traffic on Fruitvale backs up close to a quarter-mile in the mornings, with the cars adding to the congestion on Rosedale until they are able to turn on Mohawk and continue south.

If Mohawk were built out as promised, those cars would be able to turn onto Mohawk at Hageman, and avoid Fruitvale and Rosedale altogether. I hope this company fulfills its promise and extends Mohawk as soon as possible.