During Tuesday's presidential debate, Republican candidate Mitt Romney brought up the disastrous "Operation Fast and Furious," which has killed many innocent Mexicans. This failed U.S.-backed operation, which allowed guns to walk into Mexico, has become the greatest scandal since Watergate.

Despite Romney's valid and timely mention, President Barack Obama decided not to counter or even touch on the topic. This should hardly surprise anybody. More than 100,000 people have been murdered in Mexico since the drug war began almost six years ago. This total equals almost the entire population of Odessa, Texas. Can we point to one administrative action taken by the Obama adminstration to help lower the number of innocent Mexicans being slaughtered? Isn't it our guns and our illegal drug use that is at the root of this war?

Yes, both governments are to blame. A new one that enters Mexico in six weeks could alter the climate. However, if our current president is re-elected, count on no support -- not an ounce of care -- toward all the dead in Mexico.

New York City

The letter writer is the director of the Mexican drug war documentary "Murder Capital of the World," currently showing at Edwards Cinemas in Bakersfield. -- Editor