Over the past years, I have used this approach on Election Day: I vote against all initiatives, save the rare one. I would rather defeat an initiative that could do some good than approve one that I am uncertain about.

California's initiative process is a great balance to a Legislature that fails to act in the public's best interest. But over the years, this process has been hijacked by moneyed interests. Now we see propositions that are created and bankrolled almost entirely by special interests. And we the public are now required to defend ourselves by trying to determine who is telling the greatest lies or what is the truth, if there exists any.

We have seen in the past that initiatives we approve frequently have unintended effects. And correcting any of these problems now needs a new initiative. As a result of this process we have special laws for the funding of schools; for the setting of real estate taxes; for the definition of marriage.

The initiative process needs some changes, but until then ... !