I wrote to Lois Henry a couple of years ago regarding the blowers in my neighborhood. She blew me off (no pun intended). Every day, gardeners on my block blow dirt, leaves and garbage off the yards. As I walk to work every day, five days a week, I see the filth in the air and the debris on the street while trying to breathe.

Just last week, the gardener on the corner across the street from me was blowing huge amounts of grass, etc., into the air so thick you would have thought it was a dirt storm. He had thatched the grass to get it ready for the annual winter rye planting. Instead of raking up the grass, which was thick, he blew it across the street and onto all of the cars that happened to be parked there. This included bits of rock and whatever debris. He does this on a weekly basis, blowing leaves and debris into the neighbors' windows, sills and flower beds. He has been asked to stop, but just shrugs his shoulders and continues his onslaught.

If I want to stop and get a cup of coffee when I happen to be out, I intend to do just that. As a matter of fact, after reading Henry's stupid Oct. 3 column ("So you want better air? Avoid those drive-thrus"), I think I will deliberately get my car out of the garage and stop to get a cup twice every day next week.