I am writing to protest the moronic "cartoon" in the Sept. 28 edition. This was obviously the crude effort of a foaming-at-the-mouth anti-hunter and gun hater who should limit his "talents" to working for the left-wing loonies. By the way, I was not surprised to see that this atrocious insult to all hunters was lifted from the L.A. Daily Worker. (Editor: The artist was Monte Wolverton of the Los Angeles Daily News.)

If this person was not so steeped in ignorance and vitriol, he/she/it would know that hunters have been in the forefront of conservation efforts in the U.S. Unlike the little old ladies of both sexes who live in their posh New York or Bay Area apartments and think how wonderful it is to have wolves tearing apart still-alive deer or elk calves, we hunters live in reality. I believe the cartoonist and The Californian owe all us hunters an apology, but will not hold my breath. Disgustedly yours --