Today, we received our sample ballots for the November elections. I believe in exercising our right to vote but I question the integrity of the system.

We moved about four years ago and had my elderly mother-in-law come live with us. It was fairly simple to do a change of address for my husband and myself. We decided against doing an address change for my mother-in-law due to declining health issues.

The first election after we moved, we were surprised to receive not only our ballots, but ballots for my mother-in-law and 21-year-deceased father-in-law! We called the elections office and were told it would be corrected. Not!

It's still a mystery how they got our new address for the in-laws. I thought it used to be if you didn't vote in a couple of major elections, you were dropped from the voting list. Well, Mom has dementia and Dad has been gone for more than 20 years and they still receive ballots every election. No wonder the country has issues with ballots.