Thanks for publishing the Politico article "Medicare politics: checking the facts" (Sept. 22). There has been so much disinformation and misinformation on Medicare, Obamacare and health care in general that I have stopped listening to politicians for the facts. Instead, I look at how the various health care provisions affect me and my family directly.

For example, our grown children like the fact that the Affordable Care Act would have allowed them to stay on our health insurance plan until they turned 26. My 87-year-old mother likes the fact that the prescription-drug "doughnut hole" is shrinking and will disappear entirely. Since I turn 65 this year, I like the fact that Medicare pays for many preventive services, such as flu shots and cancer screenings.

Based on our experience, we see no reason to repeal or replace our health care. Keep up the good work of checking the facts.