Recent reader commentary on the Affordable Care Act shows just how bad the public is being misled by the lies that the Republican Party is spreading.

The GOP has created a false image of President Obama (birthers, socialist, questioning his grades, not a real American, etc.). They have passed laws ostensibly to prevent a type of voter fraud, which is almost nonexistent, to disenfranchise millions of eligible voters, the majority of whom usually vote for their opponent. Their deceptive practices are simply disgraceful.

Mitt Romney has stated (in his so-called alternative plan, details of which he has not told us) that he would accept coverage for pre-existing conditions. In a later interview, he said it again. However when questioned further, he said he would accept it only for people who already have insurance -- he wouldn't let anyone "trick the system" by waiting until they have a serious condition to buy insurance. For a person that has insurance, there is no such thing as a "pre-existing condition." "Pre-existing," in that context, means a person who has a disqualifying medical condition before he/she applies for insurance. Therefore, despite his deceptive statements, his "plan" would not cover pre-existing conditions.

I was born and raised in a strong Republican family but was forced to change my affiliation by the nomination of George W. Bush. If you thought the Bush train derailed our country, just wait until the R&R express pulls in.

John M. Ulman II