I would like to address the Associated Press article "Brown signs sweeping pension reform bill," published Sept. 13 in The Californian. I agree with this bill. We have needed to do something long before now. I am a retired educator and my pension is far lower than what many are getting today. The reason? I'm not sure.

I paid 50 percent of my retirement saving throughout my entire career. I retired at 50 percent of my earnings. I am happy with that. What has happened since I retired is amazing. I was an administrator and have recently become aware that many of my colleagues who retired in the past seven years did so with huge bonuses, plus equally huge monthly pensions.

Health care promised to retirees? Say what? Where's mine? Where did the 50 percent go? How are they able to retire at 100 percent or more? Who changed the system? This did not happening only with STRS, but also with PERS. Someone pulled this off while we were sleeping! Obviously, the fox has been watching the henhouse. Don't think that all public retirees are getting that kind of money.