I wrote awhile back to Californian President and CEO Richard Beene about some of the greeters at the Wal-Mart off Panama Lane, but I didn't know their names. Well, I do now.

David, James and Bonnie are three of the best greeters that Wal-Mart has. My husband and I are both disabled and any time we come to the store, they do everything in their power to make our trip the best it can be. They are friendly, respectful, knowledgeable and do their jobs so well you'd think they had been doing this all their lives. They treat everyone equally, and when it calls for a firm hand, they do that as well.

These three go above and beyond the call of duty in their jobs when a lot people these days barely even do their jobs. So here is our thank-you, David, James and Bonnie; my husband and I appreciate the job you do and the kindness you show us every time we come to your store. Job well done!