Patsy Ouellette is right on target ("Can Alzheimer's be prevented? Studies, experts suggest it can," Another View, Sept. 6). The one thought that I would add is, while it may be genetically not possible yet to avoid the disease of Alzheimer's, there seems to be good potential to avoid the dementia of Alzheimer's.

Research to discover the disease's pathway of development -- with an intent to stop the development before dementia occurs -- as well as family/caregiver support and caregiver and professional education about the disease is necessary in the fight against this devastation of so many good minds and talents, lately: Glen Campbell, Pat Summitt, Margaret Thatcher and her buddy Ronald Reagan. The Alzheimer's Association supports and subsidizes these efforts.

With so many misperceptions, snake oil sales, and goofy ideas with no basis in valid research, it was a delightful and unexpected pleasure to read Ouellette's guest article.

Continuum Senior Care Management