Regarding the Sept. 4 letter "Yes on 30: Support education": I commend the writer, a college student, for his support of Proposition 30's passage and his interest in public education. However, he repeats a common misconception about the results of Prop. 30: "This initiative begins to restore the cuts that have been made to our schools, libraries, clinics and essential services."

Should Prop. 30 be approved by the electorate in November, it will not bring any new revenue to schools. The fact is, it will only prevent $6 billion in further cuts that have already been "put on the books" by the Legislature. We are voting on whether those "trigger cuts" will take place or not.

If the cuts do not happen, school districts will still have to deal with the same level of funding they received in the past but will have to dig deeper into reserves to pay for increased costs such as utilities, steps and column raises, increased health benefit costs and student transportation.

There is no "windfall" for public education by the passage of Prop. 30; there is only survival. The passage of Proposition 30 is essential for that reason.