The new curriculum to be soon instituted in our schools, if it hasn't been already, is simply ridiculous. Anti-bullying curriculum is one thing, but many believe that this new curriculum is actually more "pro-gay" than "anti-bullying." Why are so many students leaving Tehachapi's public shool system for private, charter and independent-study schools or home schooling? These types of schools are not bound by the same requirements forced upon the public schools to shove this "education" down the throats of our youth and (by extent) the community itself.

Tehachapi has stood as a proud, quaint town of rich culture, talent and diversity for more than 100 years. All the conflict and obsession with harsh, extreme regulations will only tear our communities, our state and our country apart. When will we open our eyes and finally see what's happening, and how much worse it could get if we continue on this path?

I am a member of Seth Walsh's Class of 2015. Though our class could easily be considered some of the country's most hated and despised young people at this time, I speak out now against the further infringement on the public's rights to have a say in their own community's education. We can't allow ourselves to be force-fed curriculum and certain groups' ideals in public schooling against our will, and our God-given rights. Today, California decides that when injustice comes, we fight against it and send it on its way. From every mountainside, let freedom ring!