The overwhelming logic of continued cooperation on the animal control front has proved too great an obstacle even for Bakersfield's go-their-own-way city and county governments, and we have a deal.

Kern County and the city of Bakersfield have reached an accord: They'll work together to manage, house, and, when necessary, euthanize stray dogs and cats rather than pursuing a silly divorce that would have left taxpayers footing the bill for separate, largely redundant services.

The city will up its share of the costs to run the county shelter on South Mount Vernon Avenue from $338,000 to $740,000 and the county will remain tenant and manager of the city-owned facility. Sounds fair.

Now they've got 10 months to figure out the details (hopefully to include improvements to local spray/neuter programs). Let's hope the famous territorialism of the two local government entities doesn't get in the way of progress on this front. They've got other things they can argue about -- or inevitably will again soon.