Regarding the July 9 letter "More abortions on horizon": Perhaps there's some common ground between pro-life and pro-choice views. Neither side likes the idea of abortion. We all wish that accidents, carelessness, rape and incest would never happen, but they do. But then there is a divergence of opinion. Pro-choice sees abortion as a legal, medical option protected by the law. Pro-life sees abortion as murder, a position not supported by the law.

The writer's shrill, misleading letter would make you think that Planned Parenthood does nothing but abortions and she ignores all the many positive services it provides. Planned Parenthood in Bakersfield doesn't perform abortions, but she's correct that Family Planning Associates does. However, it also provides other services, such as pregnancy testing, pap smears, birth control and STD testing; it's not just an abortion clinic.

She notes that the number of local abortions has been cut in half and credits pro-life organizations for this. She then says, "Perhaps that is the reason for the local rise in teen births." How is this a good thing? To me, more teens giving birth is a way bigger societal problem than a legal, medical procedure.

I think back to the 1960s, to when abortion was not legal in this country. I had friends who went to Mexico to obtain abortions -- dangerous and harrowing experiences. Planned Parenthood and Family Planning Associates both provide many needed services and we should be proud that they are a part of our community.