Regarding the debate over widening 24th Street, we may be overlooking a better solution: Golden State Highway. Utilize the Hageman Road "flyover" to funnel the traffic load from Rosedale Highway into the downtown area. Widening Golden State would be much simpler and less intrusive. It's essentially a freeway from the Highway 99 interchange to F Street now. The Garces Circle overpass has already been widened, and there is existing on-ramp access to the 178.

The only downside I see is the volume of traffic that would be using the traffic circle, but I'm sure that is much easier to mitigate than the options on the table for the 24th Street corridor. In fact, by using the Golden State Highway option, we would be free to explore returning 24th Street into a more sensible, pedestrian/bike-friendly neighborhood thoroughfare.

Mike Bell