Regarding Lois Henry's July 1 column, "When it comes to fireworks, I'm still a hater": I enjoy and agree with a lot of what Henry writes -- but banning fireworks?

I guess that my long history with fireworks in Oregon, Washington and Texas as a young boy and my love of blowing things up in the air has left me enjoying the sound and sight of fireworks, especially the big overhead displays at colleges and other large events. I served in the Army in Korea and even enjoyed artillery, but sometimes it was deadly. We are losing so many personal freedoms now. I would hate to lose another.

Yes, we should use the safe fireworks (but I surely miss firecrackers!) -- but to take them all away would be a shame. They are good fundraisers for organizations such as the Scouts and churches. I think that we can stand one day of noise and celebration for our freedoms -- and may we keep some of them at least.