I just read with interest that the California state budget is out of wack by $16 billion! Ha! That is a lot of money to be short. What a sad state of affairs brought upon the people of California by Gov. Jerry Brown, aka Governor Moonbeam, and his left-wing cronies in Sacramento. After the last election, "I told you so." But that is another story.

Now, Brown wants us to ignore 25 years of out-of-control spending by Sacramento and just tax us some more. Is this guy out of his mind?

I really do not have a problem discussing the current state of affairs of the California state budget with Brown as soon as he addresses the elephant sitting in the corner of the room: illegal immigration.

How much impact does 3 million to 5 million illegal aliens residing in California have upon the total state budget? How much do they impact our schools, hospitals and prisons, contribute to air pollution, and wear away our highways? How many jobs do they take away from legal citizens? Until Brown wants to discuss the impact of illegal aliens on the California budget, I will never support any of his tax-and-spend plans. Period! People of California, wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late.

It is time to take partisan politics off the table and come up with solutions where everything is on the table for debate. Hopefully, Brown is not too old and impotent to change his spots.

Don Kurtz