That $32,000 fine against the local crop dusting company accused of hitting a Rio Bravo-Greeley Union School District school bus with overspray on March 29 ("Company, pilot at fault in pesticide drift," April 24) is bogus.

Will someone please explain to me how the county can enforce a fine and convict a company of wrongdoing, when its only evidence against the company was contaminated by the state?

Pages 5 and 6 of the final report against the crop dusting company, Inland Crop Dusters, shows that the state's "control" sample tested positive for Lorsban Advanced, the pesticide in question. Anyone who has ever done a science fair project knows that, at best, the results are now compromised. The county knew this!

Come on, investigative journalists. Are you brain dead? This is injustice.

Zachary P. Toews