It's a sign of the times: As cellphones proliferate, blue light towers with telephones or panic buttons are disappearing on college campuses. Bakersfield College is one of the most recent: The community college just removed the last of its emergency kiosks because of costs and rare legitimate usage. The blue phones had been used just once for their intended purpose in their 20-year history.

Meanwhile, Cal State Bakersfield, like all other state universities, still makes use of its blue light system. CSUB has 45 stations and will soon add another: Push a button and you're connected to the campus police. As pervasive as cellphones are, not everyone has one, and for those who do, it can be challenging to quickly dig one out of a pocket or purse. Maybe the problem is education: Many BC students simply didn't know what the blue towers were or how to use them. The CSU is wise to keep the emergency phones in place.