How beneficial are WIC and EBT programs? Do they really improve a family's life? Every first of the month, it's the same scene at the market. A very overweight single mother with her three to five overweight kids pushing one or two shopping carts loaded with doughnuts, chips, cookies, soft drinks, ice cream and candies. Their kids are being "brainwashed" that everything is free! Why get a job? I've seen kids as young as 10 years old take out their "debit" card and purchase their daily meal of Cokes, doughnuts and chips. I've seen mothers purchase pizzas at Winco to feed the kids. What? Too lazy to try and cook a meal?

And when this "benefit" ends, where does it leave the family? Are they any better off than they were before? They're still poor. Is this how the Democrats are helping people? I'm not even going to go into how WIC and EBT are "magnets" for illegal immigrants. They know the system: Just jump over illegally, pop out a kid or two and live off the stupid, working taxpayers.

I know of families who will use their EBT "benefits" to throw a birthday party. I've seen families and young couples in their 20s who purchase soft drinks, candy and chips at AMPM stores and then ride off in their very nice SUV with custom wheels and rims. These programs are ruining our state.

Mike Hipolito