The Aug. 12 letter "Post office a good job" is a heartfelt questioning by a retired postal worker of why the U.S. Postal Service is slowly declining. The writer mentions that it is inevitable and that 120,000 jobs will disappear into thin air because of a decline in mail volume and an $8 billion loss.

It really shouldn't be a mystery considering the decline of free-enterprise businesses that used to employ the post office to deliver business mail in California, which have moved out of state or gone out of business completely because of government oppression.

The federal government, run by Democrats, Republicans in name only (RINOs) and President Obama, doubles down on the oppressive practices of Democrat-run California by taxing, mandating behavior and overregulating private businesses right out of the country.

Without private businesses working to make a profit for their owners and employees, you have nothing. The Postal Service will have to deliver, and thus no delivery jobs, if the government continues to eliminate private business.

In addition, the post office runs on gas-powered delivery vehicles. The Democratic Party, which is universally supported by postal unions (NALC and APWU), is actively setting its sights on American oil companies and forcing prices up, which is costing the post office an unnecessary expense. The unions are facilitating the demise of the Postal Service by their unfettered support of the policies of Obama and the Democrats.

Bill Curtis