I am amused by Rep. Kevin McCarthy's recent "View from the Hill" column ("Time for Congress to make spending cuts," Local, Nov. 28). He takes the time to outline three spending items up for consideration. Is this the Republican plan that the "Big Guns" have in mind? The total amount saved in these three items totals a whopping annual savings of $38.5 million. That is barely loose change found in a congressional office sofa cushion.

What about answering the questions posed by Fred Simon in a recent Community Voices article ("Questions that Kevin McCarthy isn't interested in answering," Oct. 5), such as how many families in McCarthy's district are among the top 2 percent (those with a net income over $250,000) that benefit from the Bush tax cuts? Eliminating this benefit to the wealthy would produce $700 billion to help balance the budget. Now we're talking real money.

Get rid of all earmarks? Well, there would be no new air terminal or the $700 million for our overloaded and underrepaired county roads. At least Bill Thomas had big ideas that have produced jobs for Kern County. Unfortunately, McCarthy does not need to answer any of our questions because he does not need to run for re-election. He can raise money from the district and spread it around nationally to his political buddies, which aids his own political ambitions. What about the needs of this district, such as high-speed rail, which equates to real jobs for Kern County?