Thanks to Californian photographer Casey Christie and columnist Herb Benham for the photo and admiring words on the beautiful show of lupine at the base of the Grapevine! ("Our purple mountains' majesty," March 23.)

When Ernest Twisselmann, rancher and amateur botanist, wrote his "A Flora of Kern County" in 1967, he stated on Page 269: "In wet years, sky lupine colors the broad head of the valley a bright blue which is familiar to travelers emerging from Grapevine Canyon on the Ridge Route From Los Angeles. The broad fields around Arvin have largely been replaced by irrigated farmlands."

The only remaining broad fields of this lovely lupine, which is native to the upper San Joaquin Valley, are these large areas on both sides of Highway 99. Our family truly hopes Tejon Ranch will preserve this spectacular part of California's legacy.